* Greek boys clothes: summer camp

Greek Boys Clothes: Activities--Summer Camp

Figure 1.--Wefo not have a lot of information about Greek summer camps. Here we see what looks like a summer camp group in Greece during 1956. They are at Penteli, a town now part of North Athens. It takes its name from Mount Pentelicus.

We have been unable to find much information on Greek summer camps. The Greek word for camp seems to be ΠΙΚΠΑ / pikpa. In the sence of camping it is κατασκήνωση / kataskínosi. Unfortunately the internet primarily provides us with with information on American summer camps organized by the Greek community or specializrd camps in modern Greece. We suspect that the summer camp movenent in Greece was realtively weak despite the existence of so mamy wonderful seaside sites. A factor here was that Greece was a relatively poor country. We suspect there must have been some before World War II. Many European countries at the time had developed summer camp movenents. A primary impetus for summer camps was the youth movement. The Greek youth orgamizations surely founded some summer camps in the unter-War era (1929s-30s). Youth groups were the primary operator of summer camps at the time. The Fascist Governent of Greece banned the Boy Scout movement just before Wprld War II (1939). Fascist youth groups are known for summer camp programs, but we have no information on summer camps operated by the Ethniki Organosi Neolaias (EON--National Organization of Youth). After the War we do see summer camps, but we do not yet have much information about them.


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