*I* boys clothes: Ireland -- Artane Boys Band

Artane Boys' Band (Dublin, Ireland)

Figure 1.--Here the Artane Boys Band is performing in 1974. We think that they are performming in Chicago, probably on St. Ptruck's Day.

The Artane Industrial School in Dublin was founded (1869). Brother Alphonsus Hoope, Superior of the Artane Industrial School, founded a boys' band 3 years later (1872). The boys gave their first public performance on the grounds of the school for the Prince of Wales (future Edward VII) 2 years later (1874). People began hearing about the band. The first major invitation came from the fledgling Gaelic Athletic Association, They invited the Band to perform at the Whit Monday games (1886). This began an association which has lasted until the present day. The Band steadily built its reputation. More and more groups in Ireland and Britain invited the Band to perform. TheBand has also made a number of international performances. It has toured the United States on several occassions invited by various Irish-American groups. They have also performed in Toronto, Canada and Moscow, Russia. They have played for American Presidents (Kennedy, Nixon and Clinton) and every Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland. They have also played for King Edward VII, George V, and Queen Elizabeth II. A tragedy occured when the band hall was burned down (1969). The fire destroyed all of the uniforms, instruments and music. The Band appeared on Irish television the following week. Offers to help the Bnd rebuild soon flooded in from Ireland and abroad. This allowed the band to continue operating. The Industrial School itself closed a few months later. The Band staff decided to try to keep the Band operating. They opened the Band up to boys who lived locally. They were thus able to transition from a school band to a community band.


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