Italian Boys' Garments: Headwear Types

Figure 1.-- This unidentified Milan boy wears a broad-brimmed sailor hat. There seems to be a streamer. He looks to be 8-9 years old. The outfit ia a little difficult to make out. I think it may be a tunic suit. The pose suggest it was a sporty rather than a dressy outfit. Notice trhe white collar and floppy bow. The cabinet card is undated, but looks like it may have been taken in the early-1890s. The studio was Pagliano & Ricordi.

We see Italian boys wearing many of the same fashionable styles worn in other European countries. The wide-brimmed sailor hat here, for example looks very similar to those worn by other European boys. We note boys wearing both hats and caps. We notice several different styles of both. Many of our images show boys without any kind of headgear. We wonder if caps and hats were less common in Italy than some other countries. We do not have much information on destibctive Italian styles. We have seen images of peasant boys in southern Italy wearing small red caps. We note some white-brimmed hats and other sailor styles. We also note some Italian boys wearing berets. We are not sure how common this was. It seems to have been more of a stylish garment worn when the boys were dressed up more than a casual style commonly worn. We have also noted a few boys wearing English style peaked caps. This style was also adopted by a few private schools.


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Created: 2:22 AM 7/25/2011
Last updated: 2:22 AM 7/25/2011