Italian Boys' Garments: Tunics

Figure 1.--These unidentified Italian chikdren are dressed in white outfits. The girl wers a white dress, her little brother a white tunic suit. They were photographed September 1929. The studio was A-Rocco-Belluno.

The tunic was a popular garment as far as we can tell throughout Europe in the 19th and early-20th century. The popularity and styles varied from country to country. We do not have much information yet on 19th century Italy, but suspect this is because of our limited Italian archive and not because the tunic was not particularly popular in Italy. We are just beginning to work on this topic and have only found a few images so we can not yet draw any conclusions about Italian trends. We note a younger Palermo boy wearing a tunic suit with long pants in the 1870s. We note Italian boys wearing tunics into the 1920s. The last example we have found is a rather short tunic, similar to styles we see in Germany at the turn of the century. This was aittle later than wesee in America where yunics disappeared after the 1910s.


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Created: September 10, 2003
Last updated: 5:09 AM 6/13/2018