** Italian boys suits -- ages

Italian Boys' Suits: Ages

Figure 1.-- Here we seea n nunidentified Otalian boy. He looks to be aboutb 7 yars old. The dealer thought it was a Fist Coimmunin photograph. To us it looks ,ore like th boys is iprating a radio or phonmograph at home. The photograph is undated, but looks to us like the 1930s.

We note that suit styling variesd in part as a function of a boy's age. Here we do not yet have enough information to discuss how age affected the javket styling. We do not that it did affect the pants. Here this has varied over time. We notice quite old boys wearing short pants suits in the 1920s. One available image sghows an unidentified boy 16-17 years old wearing a knee pants suit with knee socks about 1920. Gradually short pants vecame primarily for younger boys. Even younger teenagers as alate as the 1950s were wearing short lants suits. This began ticahnge in the 1960s when short pants suits began to be worn only by boys in primary scghool. After the 1960s, short pants suits became less and less common as part of the genrtal trend for more informal clothing..


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