Italian Boys' Underwear

Figure 1.--The photo shows Italian children in underwear. It was taken in Maione, a village in south-west Italy (Calabria region). The photo is undated, but it could be taken in late 1950s or early 1960s. We can see a "Fiat 600", the city car produced by the Italian automaker Fiat from 1955 to 1969. The photo was probably taken in the country around the village during a hot summer day.

We know very little about Italian underwear, primarily because we have few Italian catalogs which is one of the better sources of information about underwear. We have some limited information because Italy was a reltively poor country, especilly southern Italy. Children did not have large wardrobes. For many wirking-class children, a few basic garments made do, especially in the hot summer weather. We sometimes see Italian children wearing underwear instead of swim suits or during the hot summer weather just waring their underwear. We see quite a number of boys wearing underwear singlets with short pants. This was fairly common until after World War II when the country as part of the Common Market/European Union began to develop a more economy and even the working class began to achieve a degree of affluence. Hopefully our Italian readers will provide cus some information about undewear.


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Created: 10:45 PM 3/15/2012
Last updated: 10:45 PM 3/15/2012