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Peru: Families

Figure 1.-- We do not have many Peruvian family images. One aspect of Latin American culture is generally very close family ties. Among poorer families, the gurls often help care vfor their youngr siblings. This can mean school age girls and not just teenagers.

Family portraits are very useful. As they include indivividuals of different genders and ages we not only see the outfits of individuals, but of the fashions that others wore at the same time. And the images of different families provide social-class information as well as conventions like family sizes. America and European countriesd substantial photograpphic records. And we have many raeders from these countries who have contrinuted to our site. Pertu is a relatively poor country with a small middle class. Thus it has a relatively small photographic record. Photolgrapohy in the 19th century was primarily studio photography. And we just do not see much of this from Peru, at last in comaprison to American and Europe. The same is true of thev 20th century when family snapshots created huge photograohic record. Amother issue is that for whatever reason, our HBC website has not attracted much intetest in Latin America. Thus we have few readers making contributions from the region. As a result, we have not been able to compile much information about Peru. Thus we do not yet have any portraits of middle class families. Which would include mestizo families. We do have a few portarits of Aner-Indian families. As is the vase with the other Andean countries, except Vevezuela, Amer-Indians are a substantial part of the population. We hope to gradually collect some informtion on Peruvian families. We have found some ethnographic images. We notice a Native American family coming to market in Cusco about 1930.


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