Sudanese Boys Clothes

Figure 1.--This old postcard was published by The Cairo Postcard Trust, apparently for Britisj people interested in their empire. . It was taken in 1917 showing Sudanese boys. Unfortunately the location is not indicated, but the boys look as if they are from the southern Sudan. Click on the image for more information.

Sudan is located in northeast Africa. It staddles North and Central Africa and thus has a mixed Aran-African population as well as a Muslim north and Christian south. It is a huge coutry--the largest country in Africa, It borders Chad and the Central African Republic in the west, Egypt and Libya in the north, Ethiopia and Eritrea in the east, and Kenya, Uganda, and Democratic Republic of the Congo in the south. There is also 500 mile Red Sea coast in the east. The principal river is the Nile which traverses the country from north to south by the Nile. All of the Nile tributaries are located at leaast in part within the Sudan. The country includes a huge swith of te Sahara and large areas are very arid. We have little information about the Sudan at this time. The ethnic and religious diversity has resuted in terrible civil strife since independence. The sitiation has been exacerbted by the stern, fundamentalist outlook by the Arab-dominated Sudanese central government. For years the Arabs conducted a brutal war in the south to supress the Christian Arabs. In more recent years the Arabs have conducted a genocidal war against the people of Darfur who are Muslims, but ethnically African. The narrow-minded Islamic outlook was demonstrated by the 2007 teddy incident.


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Last updated: 7:00 AM 3/17/2008