New Zealand Activities: Boating

Figure 1.--Here we see three New Zealand boys preparing for a sail. Weare not sure what kind of jacket the one boy is wearing. Nor do we know if his swbie cap is some kind of club or Sea Scout cap. This snapshot was taken in 1960. Note the wood construction of the sailboat. The boys wear white swim trunks that seem to have elasticised leg openings.

New Zealand is of course an island nation. As a result, almost all Australians have easy access to the ocean. And theur are several lakes where chilkdren can lean to sail in salm waters. And unlike England, the mother country, the water during part of the year (especially off North Island) is quite a pleasant temperature. Thus water sports including boating are popular activities. We see boys learning a variety of boaring skills, including canoes, kayaks, rowboars, and sailbosts. Sone boys pursue Scouting as a Scouting option. Some schools have boating programs where children can lear how to sail. New Zealand is a potent annual particpant in the America's Cup competition.


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