Palau Activities: Religion

Figure 1.-- Here a Palau boy is doing confessiin in a Catholic church. The photograph bis undated, but was probably taken during the Japanese inter-War era

Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion on Palau. This dates from the Spanish colonial period. The Spanish showed little interestv in Palau, but its location close to the Spanish Philippines meant that Catholocism was the principal religion introduced. The Spanish began to colonize Palau (19th century). It is a this time that Jesuit priests arrived. Protestant missionaries arrived with the Germans (early-20th century. During the Japanese mandate, Japanese Christian missions were active. Japanese Buddhists showed little interest in Palau. Today the the Seventh-day Adventist and Evangelical churches have missionaries teaching in the elementary and high schoolstheir teachers support. There are now some Bengali Muslims. We are not sure why they emigrated and when. And a few Uyghurs who had been detained by American authorities at Guantanamo Bay have been allowed to settle in Palau. The Constitution of independent Palau guarantees freedom of religion, and the Government of this largely Catholic nation since independence has honored this guarantee.


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