Vanuatu: Geography

Figure 1.--The islanders people on Tanna follow a more traditional lifestyle than prevalent on many other islands in Vanuatu. They still wear traditional or no clothing. The photo was taken near the village of Yakel.

Vanuatu is located east of northern Austrlia near New Caledonia and south of the Solomons. The archipelgo is a Y-shaped chain. There are 4 main islands and 80 smaller islands. many quite small. Aabout 65 of the various island are inhabited. The islands are mostly moutenous as they are volcanic in origins. Several of the islands have active volcanoes. There are narrow coastal plains. Naturaln resources include manganese, hardwood forests, and offshore fishery stocks. Much of the Islands aee still covered by undeveloped tropical forrest. The population is still largely rural, although Port Vila and Luganville have grown in population. The climate is tropical, partially moderated by southeast trade winds (May to October). There is moderate rainfall (November to April). Cyclones may strike or pass near the islands (December to April).


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