Bhutan Boys' Garments

Figure 1.--Herecwe see a Bhutan boy in traditiinl clothes. He seems to be getting some type of award.

We do not yet have much information about Bhutan clothing. Here we see two modern Bhutan boys, but its a little difficult to make out just what they are wearing (figure 1). A reader writes, "As we can see, the boys here are wearing skirt-like kilts. Is that common in Bhutan?" HBC as this time is unsure. We still know very little about Bhutan. Their outfits do not look like kilts to us. Notice that there is no pleating. Rather they seem to be wearing a robe-like jacket, perhaps with short pants. We aals notice striped robes with what look like form fitting long pants. We do not yet know if there were traditional garments specifucally for children. we are unsure just what these traditional garments are called. Western garments seem to have made only limited inroads in popular fashion. Here the isolation of Bhutan is probably a key factor. A reader tells us, "The king of Bhutan requires men to wear these skirt like garments as a way to preserve their heritage. So these garments are vety widely worn."


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