Georgian Minorities: Russians

Figure 1.--Here we see a Russian boy living in Tiblisi. The word on his cap tally reads 'Hero' bracketed between Soviet hammar and cycles.. This was very popular on children's sailor caps. This was the name of the fictional ship. This was a postcard photo. The meddage on the backside reads, "To dear aunt Vlada, uncle Sema and Musik from their nephew and small brother Alik. I am 5 years 10 months. 10th October 1946, Tbilisi.

There was also a Russian minority. Georgia was absorbed into the Tsarist Empire at the beginning of the 19th century. Russians then moved to Georgia, primarily settling in Tbilisi. The population shift was not one-way. The most famous Georgian is of course Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. He became a staunch Russian nationalist with little interest in Georgia. Georgia declared independence (1992). When relations between the two countries deteriorated, most Russians left Georgia amid mutual recrimiations.


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