Latvian Activities: Outings

Figure 1.--Here we see an unidentified Latvian group traveling in a bus with no mrkings which is unusual.. We think it is unlikely that the photogrspher stopped a bus in the middle of nowhere. So we are guessing this is sime sort of organized group on some kind of outing into the country. Notice the forest in the background. The photograph is undated, but looks like the early-1930s.

LOutings were another popular activity for children. Outings within a city or town were easy enough by walking or using city transport. We do not know anything about Latvian parks. Outings out into the coiuntry were more prolematical. Something as simple as a picnic was complicated without a car. Few Latvians until after Latvia was able to exit the Soviet Union had cars. Farm families might have a horse and cart. Few families had cars at the time. Going out into the country generally required a train ride. This might be commected with a bus trip depending on just where they were headed. Some outings may have been organized with busses, but we do not know how common that was.


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