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Latvian Boys' Garments: Sailor Suits

Latvian sailor suits

Figure 1.--Here we see a Latvian boy wearing a traditional sailor suit. The portrair was taken in Riga. It is undated but looks to have been taken in the 1890s. The boys name is on the back, but we can't make it out. Pur your cursor on the image to see it.

We notice Latvian boys like other European boys wearing sailor suits. We are unsure about how common it was, because of our limited Latvian archive. As Latvia wedged between Germany and Russia, two countries where the sailor suit was popular, it is understandable that many Latvian boys wore sailor suits. This was the case before World War I. The sailor suit seems to have been commonly worn by the urban middle class. Of course even though Latvia was at the time a Russian province, a substantial portion of the urban population was ethnic Germans. After World War I, the sailor suit because of its bourgoiese image declined in popularity in Russia, but continued to be worn in Latvia. We are unsure to what extent it was worn in independent Latvia. We notice a family snapshot in 1929 with two unidentified brothers wearing matching sailor suits. Right before World War II, ethnic Germans followed instructions from the NAZIs to return to the Reich. After the War, the Soviets regained control of Latvia. By this time, however, the sailor suit had largely declined as a major style for boys.


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