Norwegian Boys' Activities: Play

Figure 1.--This turn-of-the 20th century Magic Latern slide is labeled 'Norway: Children at play." Unfortunately it is just a group of children standing in front of a waterfall without any play activities shown. Source: Keystone--Geography 139 (V25670).

Norway was part of Sweden for many years. Thus children's play activities are similar to those of Sweden. We note a lot of traditional games that seem variants of the games played througout Europe and America. Two favorites are Gjemsel (hide and seek) and Tikken (tag). Stiff Witch is the Norwegian version if freeze taf. , is a game of freeze tag It is difficult to tell the origins of these games. One game, Bro, bro, brille (bridge, bridge, glasses) is similar to London bridge is falling down, but has such old roots in Norway that it prsumably did not comne from Britain. Norwegian toys were the same poular toys we see throughout Europe. There are popular card games with children, important in a country with such extended winters. Outside play is limited by the weather, although skiiing and skating is popular, there is only so much time yhjt children cn spend playing outside in the snow. Popular card games include gris, mattis, and gnav. Brio is a wooden toy company founded in Sweden and thus widely available in Norway. Legos which came from neigboring Denmark are also popular in Norway, mostly with boys. Dolls were traditiinlly popular with gurls. And of course today it is video games that the children want, especially the boys.


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