South African Boys' Clothes: Western Garments--Footwear

Figure 1.--Many South African children go bsrefoot. Sometimes walking without shoes can cause some problem. It seems, however, that many South African children prefer go barefoot also when they could wear some footwear, as this boy in Johannesburg wjo looks to come from a middle-class family.

The garments worn in South Africa are now essentially the same as those worn in America and Europe. Our South African archive is very limited, thius we do not have a lot of information on the footwear worn. As best we can tell it was very similar to British styles and now the generalized pan-European styles. The major difference is the number of children going barefoot. Many children wear flip-flops or go barefoot. Among blacks it is ofren a matter of poverty, but among whites it is more out of preference. Going barefoot is especislly prevalent among Afrikaaner children. A reader writes, "A South African boy could spend the whole summer barefoot: he is allowed (often encouraged) to attend school in bare feet and he can go to church with no shoes. Of course he can be barefoot for playtime and for sports, but also a ceremony clothing can be properly worn without any footwear. Many girls also go barefoot.


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