Welsh Boys' Clothes: Garments--Tunic Suits

Figure 1.-- This charming snapshot comes from a small Wlesh town. It was taken in 1q905. The boy is Teifryn Thomas, son of the postmaster of Llechryd, a village where the photo was taken. The boy wears a tunic suit with knee trousers and long black stockings. (American boys usually has bloomer knickers rather than knee pants.) Notice the sailor styling. The boy is about 7-8 years old. He is showing off his new tricycle and seems very pleased with himself. It seems to have with metal wheels without any rubber or perhaps the metal rims have a rubber surface. Oerhaps a reader who knows more about trikes can explain this better. Source: Dyfed Cultural Services epartment.

Welsh boys like English boys wore tunics suits in the 19th and early-20 century. As far as the know, the trends in Wales were essentilly the same as in England, althoujgh we do not have a large enough Welsh asrchive to substantiate this. A factor here is that the tunic was primasrily worn by boys from affluent or at leasr commfortable middle-class families. Wales was not as prosperous as England and thus tunics may not have been as common as in England. On the previous page we see a Welsh boy from Cardif. The portrait was undated, but we would guess was taken about 1905-10. He wears a tunic suit which was popular at the time. I'm not sure how these outfits were referred to Britain at the time.) Notice the pin on lace collar mother has added. This was a dark-colored tunic worn with knee pants. It is a little different than the tunic suits we note in America, but is a style we have noted in England. Other examples look more like American tunic suits. Teifryn Thomas here wears a tunic suit more like the ones we nore in America (figure 1), But notice the straight-leg knee pants. American boys more commonly had bloomer knickers.


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