Polish Boys' Clothes: The Stetel

Figure 1.--It is heart breaking to look at the pre-War images of European Jews and to realize the fate that awaited then only a few years later.

Until the NAZI invasion in September 1939, Jews were an important part of the life of Poland and other eastern European countries. Some Jews assisimalted into main-stream Polish siciety. Others Jews lived apart in the rural steltls. The chidren and adulys had their own destinctive clothing and haircit styles. That culture has been wondefully documented in Children of a Vanished World, a stunning record of moments, frozen in amber, of children in the European ghettos of the 1930's, before their culture and itimately their lives were so ruthlessly destroyed. The book includes photographs, music, and poetry, in English and Yiddish. The book's author, Roman Vishniak, took the photos, some with his camera hidden, between 1935 and 1938 in Poland and Russia, Romania and Hungary. The book was published in 1999 by the University of California Press(ISBN 0520221877). Very interesting. You might want to mention that most Polish Jews, especially in the shtetls, spoke Yiddish (Jüdisch). Isaac Leib Peretz, Sholem Aleichem, Sholem Asch and Isaac Bashevis Singer all wrote their books in Yiddish, however, they are printed in Hebrew script.


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