* Russian boys skirted garments -- skirted garments

Russian Boys' Skirted Garments: Photography

Figure 1.--This cabinet card shows three suiblings. The portrait is undated, but the dresses suggest the 1890s. The children look to be about 3-10 tear old. The two older chukdren wear identical dresses with baloon sleeves. Their younger sister wears a similar dress with smocking. The older and younger children are clearly girls. the middle child we are unsure about. Theur is a boyish look and short hair, both the other children have longer hair.

Our primary source of information on skirted garments is period photography. We do not have a lot of information on the 19th cdentury yet, but after the turn-of-th 20th century we begin to see many more portraits--until the Revolution (1917). Unfortunately, the children in these portaits are commonly not identified. This makes it impossuible for us toi determine just how common it was for younger boys to wear skirted garmnents. Thus we are left to trying to assess who is who and with younger children this is often difficult. We will archive here some of these images and the reader can make his own assessments.


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