** Russian boys skirted garments -- skirted garments

Russian Boys' Skirted Garments: Specific Types

Figure 1.--This CDV portrait shows an unidentified Russian boy and we think gis grandmother. The portrait is undated butwe would giess was taken in the 1870s. The boy wears a tunic and long pants. All we know for sure is that the studio was in St. Petersburg.

We see Russian boys dresses, skirts, and tunics. We do not see kilts and smocks, but our assessment is just beginning. At this time we only have some information on tunics. We see girls wearing pinafores, but not boys. The few images we have show boys wearing serf-style tunics. This would have been the bulk of the population in the 19th century. We have little information on the dress styles worn by Russian boys. This would have affected the more affluent classes. We have only a small archive of images, but the photographic images we do have seem very similar to the styles worn in Europe at the time, at least the styles worn by boys from middle and upper-class families in the major cities. They seem to be wearing styles set in Europe rather any indigenous domestic styles. There is one exception, that is the peasnt tunic blouses which for some reason had an impact on European and American fashions. We see boys wearing Russian blouse tunic outfits. It was a popular style in the early-20th century, but largely disappeared after World War II by the 1920s. Our limited archive, however, does not yet permit to address Russian trends in detail. This will require acquiring many more 19th century images.


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