ScottishGarments: Early-20th Century

Figure 1.--This snapshot was taken in 1915. We at first thought ot was a family photograph, but the children are too close in age to be from a single famnily. Perhaps it was a Sunday school class or other group. It could be the children of an extended family. Notice that the youngest boy wears a cut-away jacket and kilt.

The garments we notice in Scotland during the early 20th century sdeem bvery similar to the popular styles to the south in England. Glengarys and Balmoral caps seem nore popular in Scotland. We note an Edinburgh boy wearing a Fauntleroy outfit about 1910. We mostly notice Scottish boys wearing knee pants like Englisdgh boys. Of course Scotland is known for the kilt. We are unsure how extensively the kilt was worn by Scottish boys in the early-20th century. In particular I do not known how common it was for parents to dress boys in kilts for everyday wear. I think that it was probably not extremely common as the kilt was a more expensive garment than knee pants or short pants. I think that there were some boys dressed in kilts for school and everyday wear before World War I. Strangely it seems a strange mix. We see some boys from well to-do familkies wearing kilts. And we see some boys from modest families in the Highlands and Islands. We do not see many working-class boys in the cities (Glasgow and Edinburgh) wearing kilts. Nor do the seem common in the Lowlands (southern Scotland). Although I'd be very interested; in input from our British visitors here. The film 'Chariots of Fire' provides some insights. The costuming for the film was extremely well researched. In it there is a church scene set in Scotland and many of the boys there are wearing kilts. Long stockings my have been a little more common in Scotland than England, but our arechive is too small go assess this with any confidence.


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