Scottish Suit Garments: Pants

Figure 1.-This cabinet card shows three chdren of a family, girl and two boys. The girl wears a white dress. The boys wear Norfolk knicker suits with knee socks rather than long stockings. The younger boy ears an Eton collar. We suspct that these were school uniforms. We are not sure, but would gues the portrait was taken in the 1880s. Older boys at this time mostly wore long pants with suits. They look to be about 13-18 years of age. The studio was Milne of Blairgowrie.

Scottish boys as far as we can tell wore the samne styles of suit pants s the English. The only real difference we hve noted is that some boys wore kilts with pants instead of pants. Here a different jacket was usually worn. The pants we have noted included long pants, knee pants, knickers, and short pants. The popular styles and lengths as well as the age conventions followed the same chronological trends as in England. Here we are just beginning our asesment and may eventually find some differnces. We think the pants were to some extent affected by the schools the boys attended, especially private schools. Boys mostly wore long pants with suits. Except for the younger boys, the primary exception was knickers worn at private boarding schools. Most boys wore long pants suits until the late-19th century. We notice knee pants in the late-19th and early 20th century. Short pants became standard after World War I and were worn after World war II into the 1950s. After that long pants become increasinly common and were standard by the 1970s. Short pants continued to be worn at some schools, mostly private schools into the 1980s. By this tome, hoeber, suits were being worn much less than earlier in the century. These shotenened -ength pants were mostly worn with long stockings and knee socks.


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