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Scottish Fauntleroy Suits

Figure 1.--This unidentified Scottish boy wears a kind of velvet romper suit with a lce collar. He looks to be about 5 years old. The photoback postcard was probably taken around 1910. The studio was Sutherland in Thurso, Scotland.

We notice boys wearing fancy velkvet suits (1870s). The Fauntleroy craze emerged on the fashion scene with the publication of Mrs. Burnett's book (1885). It was an immediate senstation in America. The photographic record shows countless boys wearing Fauntleroy suits or suits with Fauntleroy dtyling. The fashion spread across the Atlantic, the first major fashion style to ,most eastward across the Atlantic. The Fauntleroy craze was importnt in Europe, but not nearly as important as in America. We do not think thst the Fauntleroy Craze was a probounced in Scotland as in Englnd. Here are smaller Scottish archive may be affecting our asssessment. So at this time we are unable to sau how prevalkenbt Fauntleoy suits wrre in Scotland, The Fauntleroy Craze was most popular in the late-19yh cenbtury, about 1885-1905. We do not yet, however, have many 19th century examples. We do note a fashionable middle-class mother who dressed her boys in a Fauntleroy suit with a lace collar and a kilt outfit. We have found some examples from the early-20th century. We have a portrait of an Edinburgh boy wearing a Fauntleroy outfit, but with a cape rather than a jacket. Some boys from well-to-do families wore Fauntleroy suits. We have found another ecample done as a kind of bloomer knicker romper suit or perhaps a tunic suit, it is a little difficult to make out, at about the same time (figure 1). This is not precisely a Fauntleroy suit, but the velvet mterial and lace collr gives it a Fauntleroy look. None of the examples we have found so far look like outfits that would have been widely worn.


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