United States Boys' Clothes: The 1960s--Hair Styles

Figure 1.--This pastel drawing of an American boy was done in 1968 and shows a common short hair style. While longer styles were becoming the popular thing style, many boys still had short cuts in the 60s.

There were major boys' changes in hair stuling during the 1960s. Most boys in the early 1960s wore short hair as was common in the 1950s. Crew cuts were still popular. Some teenagers might wear sideburns, but they were declining in popularity. Gradually long hair became more popular. John. F. Kennedy Jr. helped to poularize bangs, rather shaggy bangs, for younger boys rather than buzz cuts. Of course the Beattles helped popularize longer hair styles for older boys, especially teenagers. These longer styles became more pronounced by the end of the decade. Even so thefre was considerable variation during the 1960s. Many American boys still wore short hair even in the late-1960s. This was especially true in the more conservative Southern and Mid-Western states.


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Created: November 26, 2002
Last updated: November 26, 2002