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United States Helmets: Aviator Cap Age Trends

aviator cap age trends
Figure 1.--Here we a snapshot with three best bus, we think in the 1930s. They alss eem to have the same aviator caops and are dressed similarly with similar jackets and lon pants. the boys are George Harrison (7byears old) and brothers Leland and Lester Kane (7-8 years old). The trusty ppoch who seems to enjoy bring in their adventures is Pat, a beautiful border collie. .

Aviator caps were worn mostly by primary (elementry) school boys. This means boys about 6-12 years of age. Most of the imge we have fond look to be in the 6-10 year group. We are fairly confident about this as we have noted quite a few snapshots of boys wearing them. hey seem to have been vdery popular with the boys this age. And most of the images swe have seen fall within this age group. We do note young men with motior cycles wearing them., but few teens in between. Of course the make-berlieve and play aspect is the strongest for this age group. But these caps were not just make-believe props. They actually were ideal for winter weather to keep heads snug asnd warm


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