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United States Juvenile Suits/Outfits: Chronology (1890s)

1890s boys suits
Figure 1.-- This is Ian Chamberlain. He looks to be about 6 years old. He wears a classic Fauntleroysuit with lce collar and floppy bow with mtcjing wrist cuffs. Notice the knee buckles rather thn buttons. The prtraitbis undated, but looks kike the late-1890s. The studio is Ott and Hay in Towanda, Pennsylvania.

We continue to see kilt suits, but by the end of the decade they were declining in populrity. We also see far fewer boys wearing dresses by the end if the decade. We coninue to see collar-buttoning suit jackets--the last decade they were popular. . We do not see many cut-way jackets for boys, except with Fauntleroy suits. Fauntleroy suits continued to be popularity in the 1890s We not only see Fauntlriy suits, but Fautleroy bloues, large ruffled collrs and huge floppy boes. The classic Fauntleroy suit was a cut-away jacket, but we see somewht older boys wearing Fauntleroy items with other boys. The Fauntleroy Craze had clealy ran its course by the ebd if the decade. It did did not disappear, but was clearly declining after the turn-of-th century. Sailor suits increased in popularity. And by the turn if the century we begin to to see Buster briwn suits whicg were kind of tunic suit. It was in the 1890s that knee pants suits became standard for American boys. They were fairly standard for younger boys in the 1880s, but in the 1890s we see older boys wearing them. They were slmost always worn with dark long stockings.


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