*** World War I: United States Food Administration--Wheat

World War I: United States Food Administration--Wheat

U.S. Food Administration
Figure 1.-- Here is a U.S. Food Administration poster promoting non-wheat breakfast foods.

Wheat used for bread and other food stuffs was the most critical agricultural commodity. Bread has been know, for good reason, as the 'staff of life'. It was the grain uingreatest emandthrioughout Eurooe. Thus wheat was the commodity given the greatest attention by the USFA. One way of freeing up more wheat to feed the Army and to assist America's allies during the War was to reduce domestic wheat consumtion. Here the USFA came up with a range of ideas to use corn and other grains for a range of wheat products. After the War there was an even greater need. The War had adversely affected the agricultural sectiors of the Central Powers and the area occupied by the Central Powers. Even The Tsaist Empire was affected and it has been the greatest, if inefficient, producer of wheat and other grains in Europe. At the time the Tsarist Empire included Russia, Ukraine, large areas of Poland, and other grain-producing areas. In contrast the Great Plains of North America was ideal for wheat farming and the farmers very efficent operators.


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