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Warsaw Uprising: NAZI Reaction

Warsaw uprising casualties
Figure 1.-- Here we see the insurgents treating wounded civilians with almost no medical supplies. The boy and nurse are at the Cota (Kosztza) hospital on Moniuszko (Moniuszki) Street.

The German reaction was savage. The same situation was unfolding in Paris at about ther same time, only at Paris the Americans rushed to aid the resistnce. Stalinn had no intention of diung this. With the Red Army surprisingly inactive, the remaining German forces could concentrate on the Poles. It was soon obvious to the Germans what Stalin was doing. Hitler hated Poland more than any other country. Hitler now had one final chance to reek his revenge on the Poles. German reinforcements were rushed to Warsaw, doubling the size the German forces to 30,000 men. The effort was turned over to the SS. SS General Erich von dem Bach was given command over all the forces being assembled to fight the AK Uprising. The Germans organized counter-attacks aimed to link up with pockets of German resistance in the city. And they began to cut the AK fighters off from the Vistula where there was the possibility of Soviet aid across the River. Among the reinforcing units were forces under the command of SS General Heinz Reinefarth. He was ordered to organize a military unit consisting of personnel from security units involved in extensive war crimes and moved toward Warsaw. Upon arrival, Kampfgruppe Reinefarth joined the forces under von dem Bach. From the beginning the two SS commanders were engaged in terrible atrocities and massacre of civilians. Eventually about 50,000 German troops took part in the operation to suppress the AK Warsaw Uprising. The German units included the notorious Dirlewanger and RONA brigades, units of Hermann Göring and Viking SS divisions, 19th and 25th panzer divisions, and others. The Germans brought in armor and heavy artillery, including a 600 mm mortar. This massive mortar was hard to use against the Allies or Soviets because it was so cumbersome and could be attacked from the air. The AK of course had no air arm.


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