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World War II--Biographies

World War II biographies
Figure 1.--Looking at this sweet little boy and his mother in 1887, it is hard to believe that he played a key role in defeating the German NAZIs and Japanese militarists and theur threat to Western civilization in World War II. This photograph of Franklin Roosevelt in a Highland kilt was taken during a visit to Washington, DC. Note the Glengary cap that he is wearing. We believe it was his first such trip, but cerainly not his last.

"At the beginning of the War, the Axis powers appeared resolute, determined, and calculating under the leadership of strongmen. Yet by early 1943, the very opposite had proven true."

-- Victor Davis Hanson, historian

World War II was the greates military struggle in human history. Millions of people from every importnt county were involved in the struggle. HBC has prepared several biographies of some of the main political and military figures involved in the War. The biographies here just scratch the suyrface as t the important individuals involved in the struggle. We plan to add additional biographies and encourafe readers to submit biogrphies of individuals they believe to have played important roles. Many of these biographies, however, are just at the beginning phase. As the focus of CIH is on childhood, we will give some attention to their childhood in addition to providing information on their adult lives as well for the historical background.





Hanson, Victor Davis. The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won (2017). This is a brilliant book with many insights missed by purely military historians.


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