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UNRAA Resources (1943-47)

Figure 1.--The desperate situation in Europe at the end of World War II was so great, that only government effort could meet the needs. Many charitable organizations in the United States also played important roles. These efforts were mostly conducted through the overall UNRRA franework. One of these ceffiorts was a clothing drive sponsored by American industrialist Henry Kaiser. During the War he played a key role in the Liberty Ship building effort. All kinds of groups like the Boys Scouts, churches, fraternal groups,, and other pitched in to collect the clothing.

Most of the resources available to UNRRA came from the United States. The dmensions of the problem were such tht only government action could meet the desperate immediate need. Funding came from many countries and totaled $3.7 billion, of which the United States Government contributed $2.7 billion; Britain $0.6 billion, and Canada $0.1 billion. Other countries contributed smaller amounts. The British contribution is notable considering the fact that the British people were suffering few a very strict ratiuoning program. UNRRA was not just a government effort. Not all the aid was from the United States and other governments. An important part of the effort was the activities of private charitable organiizations. It addition to American and other government funding, assistance was provided by many private groups, mostly in the United States. Many Americans were touched by the images they saw in the newsreels and periodical publications and wanted to help. UNRRA frcm the beginning worked closely with volunteer charitable organizations which were already in existence at the time UNRRA was founded. They sent hundreds of experiences aid workers to work with UNRRA. They also help launch drives to collect food and clothing which could be distributed in war ravaged Europe.


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