Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: International Reaction

Figure 1.--This 'New York Times' front page is a good example of how the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was reported by the press in the United States. I'm not sure how it was reported in Briain.

The Warsaw Ghetto uprising occurred at a time that Warsaw and all of Poland was well behind German lines. The Red Army was batteling with the Wehrmacht in the Ukraine, but the Western Allies had not yet landed on the Contnent. There had been reports of Germans killing Jews in occupied Poland, but the idea of the Holocaust was not yet known to the public. Scattered reports on the Warsaw Ghtto Uprising leaked out from underground sources, but the NAZI-cotrolled media was the main source of information. The resulting reporting in the Western press is today difficult to believe. American publications after the World WarI experience were hesitant to accept charges of German war crimes without proof, which of course was impossible to obrain in 1943. Surely anti-Semitism is a factor which can not be dismissed. The idea of Jews defending themselves is something that Western media seems to still have difficulty with.


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Created: 9:14 PM 1/4/2009
Last updated: 9:14 PM 1/4/2009