American Mail Order Catalogs and Articles with Boys Clothings: 1906

Figure 1.-These illustrations from the "Ladies Review" (January 1906) show fashions for younger children. The romper is shown as a child's garment, mean for boys and girls. The photographic record suggests that they were more popular for boys. The dresses were for girls, although the infant dress is presented as a child style.

We have found information on 1906 fashions from quite a range of sources. We note an ad for Sprague's Junior League Baseball Shirt and Pants. It could be worn both as school clothes and a baseball uniform. It came in several colors with a matching cap and a snazy red belt. It appeared just as the baseball season was about to get underway. We also note a knit cap and sweater that was offered as prizes by The Youth's Companion for selling magazines. Sears offered quite a range of footwear. Long stockings were commonly worn by children. We notice ads for Wolverine suspender waists. The Wannemakers Department store in Philadelphia also offered skeleton waists.


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