Right Posture Boys Clothing (1919)

Figure 1.--This is a 1919 'Saturday Evening Post' adverisement for Right Posture Boys Clothing, both an overcoat and a knickers suits. Note the boy in ob\vercoat wears long stockings and his brither wears knee socks.

We note Right Posture boy's clothes adveretised in the Ladies Home Journal in 1919. The advertisement shows an overcoat and knickers suit. The ad tells motherf reads, "Some boys' clothing HAS style--but 'Right Posture' IS style." The company does not tell us just what the posture features were. The ad copy reads, "Even without the exclusive 'Right-Posture' Feature,your boy would still preferthese clothes for theur smart cut, trim fit and snooth drape. Right-Posture boys' clothes improve the way a well-cut garment fits by tending to improve rhe way a boy stands--easily and erectly, with poise and pride. Long-lasting fabrics and stiched to-stay needkework--latest style with greatest sturdiness."


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