Hart, Schnaffer & Marx Suits (1922)

Figure 1.--Here in a charming illustration we see two styles of suits offered by Hart, Schnaffer & Marx suits. Notice the flat cap and overcoat. Image source: New York Public Library

Here we have a charming illustration of boys' suits from a Hart, Schnaffer & Marx advertisement (Chicago, 1922). We know nothing about the company at this time. The two boys, about 12 years old, are at the train station where one of the two boys is opening a crate that contains the dog he has been sent as a Christmas present. The two boys are quite formally dressed, although one is more dressed up than his companion. Both boys wear above-the-knickers. This length was probably influenced by the kneepants that had been standard boyswear for several decades. The length of knickers is often hard to tell because of the voluminous cuts and the black long stockings often worn. It is more obvious when the boy wears kneesocks. One sees boys in the late 1910s and early 20s sometimes wearing above-the-knee knickers with kneesocks, but it did not prove to be a popular style with the boys. Here the boy in the dark double breasted, above-the-knee knicker suit has apparently just arrived on the same train as the dog. He carries his overcoat with him and wears a matching flat cap as well as long black stockings. His friend, the boy opening the crate, is a bit more informal--with a single breasted belted knicker suit (perhaps a Norfolk style suit) with buttoned side pockets. He has bare knees and wears knee socks with patterned cuffs.


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