American Mail Order Catalogs and Adveriesements: Hosiery (United States, 1929)

Figure 1.--These pages appeared in a Fall issue of 'Good Housekeeping' with a variety of trade-marked garmenrts, Note the different kinds of hosiery. The knee socks are a flat color, but by 1929 we see the loud knee socks that were so common in the 1930s. Click on the image to see the first page.

We see a substantial diversity of hosiery during the 1920s,but by the end of the decade, modern trends were beginning to take shape. Long stockings were still worn, but declining in popularity. Socks were becomong nore popular. At the beginning of the 1920s, long stockings were the dominant hosiery for children. They were even worn during the summer, although that was declining. We see all the major type of socks, ankle socks, three-quarter socks, and knee socks. Yonger children might wear three-quater socks, commonly white. By 1929 kneesocks were becoming more common, but long stockings were still widely worn, especially in the winter and by younger children. We note a Good Housekeeping add showing a variety of brand name garments. It shows all the different kinds of hosiery. The loud pattened knee socks that were popular in the 1930s are seen in 1929. The 1929-30 Fall catalog from Sears devoted three entire pages to long stockings for boys and girls. This is a good indication that long stockings were still commonly worn by children.


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