American Mail Order Catalogs with Boys Clothings: Suits (1938)

Figure 1.-- This is obviouly a posed fashion photograph for marketing and or a magazine or catalog. The boys is posed in a short pnts suits and peaked cap going to school which we can se by his books. Not to many American primary boys, however, dressed that way for school in 1938. The girls is more dressed in clothes that a girl might wear for school, ecxept perhaps the hat.

We continue to see a trend toward more casual clothing, but suits were still more commonly worn than is the case today. They were much less commnly worn to school. This varied somewhat from to school to school, but the general pattern was for increasingly casual clothing. We see more formality at private chools and evn some public schools, but the iverall partern is for more casualwear. Age was a factor, especially at school. We still see some suits in highschool, especially for the older boys. And suits were still commonly worn for church and special occassions. We do not yet have any 1938 catalog pages, but the general pattern can be seen in the other 1930s pages. We have for some reason found some fashion photographs like the going to church image on the previous page. Here we see a going to school image (figure 1). They seem to be images for advertising publications and magazines. We see short pants, knicker, and long pants suits. We have found some fashion photographs. We note more and more long pabts, especially for the older boys, but we still se short pants and knicker suits.


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