Manufacturers of Boys' Clothing: Ergee (Germany)

Figure 1.-- This Ergee advertisement for children's tights appeared in a 1970s German catalo. This image is courtesy of the German Hosiery Museum.

Ergee was a Germam hosiery manufacturer. The firm made popular children's tights and stockings with a synthetic wool-like yarn called "Ergolon" which boys and girls liked because it did not scratch like earlier wool tights and stockings. Here you see the popular logo of the "chick" which the boy is holding--a way of advertising the softness of the yarn. These tights were obviously available in various bright colors which appealed to younger boys and girls. Ergolon was a synthetic yarn made from polyamide and polacrylics. The brightly colored tights were apparently designed for younger boys as well as girls. The older boys would presumably have preferred darker colors. Some boys wore tights without shorts or long trousers at home for purposes of playing or just relaxing. Normally they wore shorts, knickers, or long trousers over the tights for school or other outside activities.


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Created: March 19, 2004
Last updated: March 19, 2004