Manufacturers of Boys' Clothing: Strouss, Eisendrath & Co. (United States, 1885- )

Figure 1.--Here is a page from the Strouss, Eisendrath & Co. catalog showing a range of tunic suits which they call 'Busters', of course after Buster Brown. There are also a few blouse suits. This is a useful page because it shows the variety of colors worn. Unfortunalely we can't make out the text. We do not know the date of the catalog, but it looks likethe 1910s.

Louis Eisendrath was born in Laet Germany (1853). He was educated at a college in Germany. We are not sure when he emiigrated to America. He married Hannah Strouss in Chicago (1874). They had two children. Eisendrath began working as a traveling salesman (early-1870s). He was a member of the firm Kahn, Nusbaum & Co. He organized his own firm, Strouss, Eisendrath & Co. (1885). This is interesting because forms were noy usually named for husband and wife. It could have been that his wife's family contributed to the capital needed to found the firm. The company manufactured ladies and children clothes. The company along with other concerns supported the annual Chicago Fashion Show. We do not know a great deal about the company, but we notice they were active in Chicago during the 1910s. We note a well-produced color catalog (suggesting a substantial firm) in the 1910s (figure 1). The family was active in Jewish charitable activities.


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