Girls' Headwear

girls headwear
Figure 1.--Here we see European girls sporting berets, overcoats, and long stockings during the Winter. We are not sure about the country. It is probably Yugoslavia, but white berets were widely worn in Romania because they were part of the national youth group uniform. The photograph is not dated, but looks like the 1930s to us. The boy is wearing a sailor. The children are dressed up for some kind of formal occssion, but notice no one is wearing a hat.

Girls wore a variety of headwear. Popular types included berets/tams, bonnets, caps, hats, and stocking caps. The popularity of the various types as well as headwear itself varied over time. Headwear was a very important part of both girls and boys dress througout the 19th and first half of the 20th century. Much more important than is the case today. Hats were especially important in the 19th century and when dressing up in the 20th century. A change in the popularity of girls' headwear may have been, at least in part, a craze for huge hair bows which occurred in the 1910s and continued into the 20s. We see many quite elaborate, heavily decorated hats. Some were plain like the hats worn by men and boys, but often the hats worn by women and girls were heavily decorated. We do not note a lot of girls' hats that were national styles, except for folk costumes which were commonly localized. At least in Europe and North the Americas the styles were country specific. This was somewhat less true of the caps worn by boys, in part bcause of the military and sports influences. We mostly see girls wearing hats in the 19th century. We see some caps, but not very many. The caps we do see were mostly silor styles. This began to change with the turn of the century, epecially after World War I. We see some caps, but berets often called tams beome very common in both America and Europe (1920-30s). After Wiorld War II, hats were not commonly worn, excet hen dressing up for church or spcil occssion. Stocking caps were commn furing the wunter. At this time we have country pages on America, England, and Germany.


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