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Figure 1.--Sandals became very popular for school wear in England after World War I, The most popular style was the "T"stap sandal. They became called school sandals.

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January 28

Italian families: Rural family (1950s)

American McCalls Patterns: One-piece pajamas (1920s?)

Germam sailor suit headwear: Non-sailor caps

January 27

American boys: Lembecke boys

German hosiery types: Three-quater socks

German strap shoes: Blouse outfits

German hosiery chronology: The 1910s

German strap shoe chronology: The 1930s

World War II: Tank design

January 26

American boy: William Hendrick Chapman (about 1870)

Film reviews: Cs-Cz (More work here.)

English film reviews: The Cure for Love

American film reviews: Suddenly

French potcard companies: ABC

Italy: Bios--Camillio Olivetti

January 25

World War II: Air weapons--Blimps

Russian schools: Guest speakers

Russian school uniforms: Shirts

January 24

South Africa: Boer War military campaigns

Russian suits: Chronology

American Fauntleroy suits: Three brothers

Japanese history: Meiji regime

January 23

New Zealand hosiery

American boys: Coate boys (1870s)

Australian families: The Masons (1954)

American boy dresses: Color

World War II: German poison gas--Civil defense

January 22

American kilt suits: The kilts

American family: The 1890s

World War II: India--Bengal famine

England: Unidentified Oxford family

American blouses: 1850s--Construction

January 21

American suits: The 1840s

Sudanese history: Independence

Soviet films: A spyglass

American nostalgic piece (1945)

American long pants chronology: The 20th century

Dutch Families Jacobs-Buijs Family (1910)

January 20

German artists: Fritz Freund

Nauru schools

German sailor suit dickey designs

World War II: Tanks

January 19

American Civil War: Confederate blacks--Personal relationships

U.S. military schools: Unknown images

German sandals: Seasonality

Individual Russian films

American children: Hale children

American boys: Eddie and Ron Dunlop

January 18

Russian movies: Denis Korable films

Russian children's authors: Viktor Dragunsky

Metsal pin tubes: Support garment types

Metal pin tube chronology

American blouses: Chronology--The 1850s

January 17


U.S. presidential elections: 1960

World War II: German invasion of Poland--German minority

Greek ethnic outfits

Dudly Grammar School: Activities

PE program

Gym class country trends

January 16

Djibouti schools

Hitler Youth: Gender unit organization

Garter attachments: Eyelets

January 15

Garter attachments: Pin tubes

Attaching suspended strap arters

English school uniform: Footwear

American schoolsL Monticello School--6th grade (1923)

English film: Things to Come--America

January 14

Sports: Baseball--Country trends

German long pants: Chronology

English film: Things to Come--Britain in 1936

Indian history

American summer camps: Camp Pokagon

Venezuelan boys actitvites

Venezuela: Native Americans

January 13

American stocking supporters: M-Waist (1904)

Canadian wellington boot chronology

English school: Earleywood prep school

English film: "Things to come"--Costuming

German headwear: 20th century

January 12

American floppy bows: Ages

American collar-buttoning suits: Ages

Caninet card mount changes: Margins

American ordinary bios: Percy and Ruth Jackman

Sailor garments: Front buttoning jackets

Button-up sailor garments

Sailor suit dickies: Russian blouses

January 11

American toys: Chronology

American toys: Specific toys

American girl tam o'shanters

German knickers suits

American vests: Chronology--The 20th century

English movie reviews: Things to Come (1936)

January 10

Cambodian history

American girls: Headwear

Italy: Festival of St. Efisio

Mogul Empire

January 9

Ottoman Empire

American girl dresses: Sailor dresses

American girls: Skirted garments

English sailor dresses

January 8

A,erican Eton collar chronology: The 1900s

American striped long stockings: Acoompanying garments--Skirted garments

America: Ku Klux Klan revival

American sailor suit chronology: The 1870s

French New Year

Germany charity institutions

January 7

Canadian Scout history: The 1910s

President T. Roosevelt and the press

American striped long stockings: The 1860s

Bangladesh activities: Pets and animals

Bagladesh: Activities

January 6


American dress: Identification problem

American Eton suits

January 5

American movies: The Arab (1924)

American hats: Chronology

Austrian hosiery: Chronology

World War II; German Luftwaffe creation

January 4

French garçons modèles: Post cards

Alan and Graham: Family reunion (1964)

World War II: Soviet gas capability

Bavarian Prince Rupprecht: Second marrisge--Children

Bavarian princes: Fancy suits

Bavarian royalty: Prince Luitpold--Folk costumme usage

January 3

Alan and Graham: Two front teeth for Chritmas

Alan and Graham: Two characters

Egyptian schoolds: Islamic era

American catalogs: Putnam &Sons (1904)

American blouse suit

American knickers: Fastenng devices

January 2

American collar buttoning jackets: Military style

Anerican children: Mary Ann and James Wilson (1850s)

January 1

Sudan: The slave trade

Sudan: History


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