Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--February 2010

Figure 1.--These German brothers in 1929 wear identical short pants sailor suits. Note how their long stockings, probanly tan or grey, do not match their suits. The noys have set up their very orderly model train lsayout in the living room in front of the Christmas tree. Like most German boys they did not have a permaent lay out. They look to be about 10-13 years old.

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February 28

German First Communions: Headwear

South African schools: Walking to school

German sailor suits: Hosiery--Match

Egyptian activities

February 27

U.S. model/toy trains: Social class

U.S. model/toy trains: Age

World War II: Hungary

German suits: Single-breasted jackets

February 26

American toy trains: More work here.

American family: The Richards (1927)

English dresses: Fabric patterns

American boys: Cook boys

U.S. Constitution: National Icon

February 25

English smocks: Photographic record--Commercial postcard

American movie: Pack's Bad Boy (1934)

Space race: Economic implications

World War II: Australia

Allied occupation of Germany: Currency reform

American ordinary bios: Stevens boys

February 24

American shirts: The 1850s

American 1920s hair styles

Russian Tsarist schools: Uniforms

Lithuanian tights

Soviet film reviews: Electroinic Granny--Plot

Soviet film industry republic studios: Lithuanias

February 23

Lithuanian film industry

Soviet-Lithuanian film review: Electronnaya Babooshka/Electronic Granny

Korean War: Propaganda and the Press

German skirted garments: Chronology--20th century

German skirted garments: Chronology

French rompers decorating: Daniel

February 22

French short pants: Daniel

French hair styles: Daniel

French rompers: Daniel Petit Garçon Modèle

French rompers: Daniel's material

French rompers: Daniel's chronology

Swedish scjhool: Långshyttan School

English Model Railways: A Love-story from Youth to Old Age

Swiss schools: Schmidshof School

German Young Pioneers: Post-War Chronology

February 21

American rompers: The 1920s

American neckwear chronology: 19th century

American Peter Pan collar: Chronology

February 20

American teenager (1840s)

German 1890s sailor suits: Garments

February 19

American knit suirs (1921)

American long pants suits: 1870s

American long pants suits: 19th century chronology

February 18

American parks: Unidentified St. Louis Park

Hitler Youth and American Boy Scouts

American 1940s experiences: Barbara

Russian long stockings: Age

Russian short pants

Estonian chronology

February 17

U.S. Depression: WPA

Tutankhamun's reign

Egyptian pharoes: Tutankhamun: More information here

Music education

February 16

Agriculture: Food crops

American music ensembles

English bio: Bill's model railroad

American music: Learning instruments

German boy in France: Holocaust account--Peter Feigl

February 15

American white long stockings: The 1930s

French holocaust: Personal accounts

German zoos

German model train layouts

February 14


Swiss suits: Garments

U.S. Depression: New Deal Agencies--Farm Security Administration

February 13

German ankle socks: Chronological trends

American Fauntleroy suits: Short hair styles

American floppy bows: Chronology: The 1900s

American toys: 19th century

February 12

American floppy bow chronology: The 1900s

American film review: O'Shaughnessy's Boy

German headwear: Chronology--the 1900s

February 11


American skirted garmentd: The 1910s

American skirted garments: 20th century

World War II: New Guinea--Drive up the northern coast

American TV: The Hardy Boys

February 10

Mexican activities

American Scouts: 1953 Jamboree

February 9

English Scouts: The 1940s


American Fauntleroy kiltsuits: Chronology

Sweden: Thirty Years War

February 8

Anerican girls garments: Dresses

German sailor suits: Gender chronology--The 20th century

February 7

American Civil Rights Movement: The Future

American First Communion chronology (1920s)

Scottish First Communion

American boy: Walter W. Pond

American high-sided hats

February 6

American beach resort wear

Mayan classical era

Great Native American civilizations

Irish history: Kilmainham Gaol

Irish history

Februry 5

American boy: David Stuart

Mayan hieroglyphics

Russian royalty: Tsarevitch Alexi--Hemophilia

Russian royalty: Tsar Nicholas' childhood

February 4

Turkish school smocks

Christian sacraments: Baptism

Schools: Gym and Physical Education

Germans in Latin America

German poplation: Regional destribution

February 3

U.S. schools: Calvert School

Science: Country trends


Mexican canpesino clothing

American boy: Andrew Richardson

February 2

Christian sacraments

Movie reviews Om-Oz: More work here

American kilt suit colors

February 1

American boy: Ralph Patterson Olmstead

Cold War Space Race: Popular culture

Boy dresses: Necklines and collars

World War II: Liberation of Manila


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