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Figure 1.--Here we see boys going after a ball during their morning break, The ball was a rounders ball, but most English boys prefer to kick it. The boys at the right were involved in a horse and rider fight.

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March 31

World War II: The Marianas

World War II: Saipan--Civilan survivors

American long hair

English school sandals: Wide center strap

Ma href="/Country/us/fam/1910/name/usf-potter.html">A,erican Potter family

American sailor suits: Long pants

March 30

World War II: Liberation of Paris Say

American presidents: Harding

World War II: Tianjin/Tientsin

German school fine arts program

New Zealand school drama

March 29

American chronologies: The 1840s

America's rise: The 1840s

American artists: Alen Smith Jr.

Netherlands: Gym classes

American military academies: WMA

American neckwear: Stocks

Costume country trends

American boy: Howard Lee

March 28

World War I: British band boys

Unknown movies: More work here

American kilt suits: Rounded-crown hat variaions

American film reviews: Prosperity

March 27

Polio: March of Dimes

Agricultural commodities: Coffee

English school cadet: J. Hewey

Caninet cards: Frame boxes

American boy: Joseph C. Ritter

March 26

Photographers: Bader Wood

American schools: Deckward primary school

Apache captive: Santiago McKinn

March 25

American knee socks: Chronology

English gym classes: Chronology

American Kindergarden class (1935)

Russian child musical prodigies: Vova Ustinovsky

World War II: National navies

March 24

American dresses: Fashion

Toy trans

English headwear: Streaners

World War I: Germnan commerce raiders

American bowties: The 1900s

American boy: Grant Lovecoy

March 23

Haiti: French colony

Haitian war for independence

African tribes: The Fula

March 22

World War II: Rome-Berlin Axis

American short pants: Demographics

American Norfolk suits: the 1880s

American Norfolk suits: the 1870s

Slavery: End of the Indian Oceasn slave trade

March 21

American warm weather clothing

Arab slave trade

Swedish summer camps: Undeprivlidged children

American brothers: Anout 1850

English suits: Knickers

American boy: Clinton Wellington

March 20

Mexico: Social class--PRI era

Qatar: Activities--Adventure camp

World War II: Shanghai

March 19

American sailor hats: Age trends

American Norfolk suit set ad (1918)

American Amish: Headwear

March 18

English kilts: Highland kilt outfits

Pre-colonial Africam political sytructure

Shoe bows

Shoe bows: Accompasnying clothes

England: Boys in the Royal Navy

Caninet cards: Front printing

World War II: America and race

American kilt suit jackets: Sailor styles

American long stoclings: Narrow bands

American tunic patterns: Chronology

March 17

Argentine families: Grandmother and the grandkifs (about 1930)

American floppy bows: The 1850s

Scotland/America: Alexahnder Graham Bell

Russian dresses and pinafores

W movie reviews: More work here

American rainwear

American inclement weather clothing

Chinese history: Great Leap Forward

March 16

American boy: Clinton Young

Italian Balilla: Military training

March 15


American rounded-crown hats: The 1860s

American suits: 1860s accompanying clothes

German Lederhosen: Accompanying clothing--1950s

World War II: Pet country trends

Raw material: Wool

American underwear: Filenes's underwear for younger children

March 14

Protestant denominations: Anabaptists--Hutterites

Scottish kilts: Social class

Scottish school garments: Hosiery

American lace collars: Accompanying clothing

March 13

American kilt suit headwear: Tams

German film reviews: Der Laden--Cast

Individual German schools: Kircheim Gymnasium

Individual Austrian schools

Amish American footwear

Indonesian schools: Individual schools

German sailor suit knickers: Chronology

March 12

Romanian activities

American vacation Bible schools: Chronology

German schools: NAZI-era schoolwear


World War II: Barbarossa--General Winter

English schools: St. Clement's

American Native American tribes: The Navajo

March 11

American striped long stockings: Age trends--11 year olds

German film reciews: Der Laden

Working boys: Theatricals

Scottish caps: Peaked military caps

March 10

World War II: German military weaknesses--Matural Resources

English schools: Breaks

South Africa: Holidays--Arbor Day

World War II: Great Patriotic War--Liberation

World War II: Geopolitical crisis--Balance of power

German rompers: Play rompers

World War II: Australia--North Africa and the Mediterranean

Germany: NAZI assault on religion--Religious sect

March 9

American kilt suits: Flat fabric patterns

South African choir: J.H. Palmer and His Singing Boys

South African choir: Laerskool Stephanus Roos

Swiss garments: Pants

March 8

American kilt suits: Neckwear

American boy: William Faherty

Swiss sweaters

Swiss suit chromology

English Dickin Medal

German school sailor suits: The 1920s--Garments

March 7

German tunics: The 1910s

World War II: Fall of Singspore--Public reaction

World War II: Pacific War

American Eton collars: Colors and patterns

American Highland kilt outfits: Garments

German suits: Knickers--Chronology

German knits

World War II: German aircraft industry

March 6

World War II: Pets

Indian schools: Union Christian College

Swiss schools: Winterthur School

World War II: Japanese invasion of China

Austrian dresses

March 5

American blouses: Polkadots

American film reviews: Song of the South--Costuming

American film reviews: Song of the South--The plot

American presidential elections: 1928

American tunic suit pants: 1870s--Knickers

American tunics: 1870s--Waistlines

World War II: American 8th Air Force

American boy: Harmon King

March 4

American Fauntleroy suits: Jacket types

Hitler Youth: Headwear conventions

World War II: Biological warfare

German sailor suits: 1890s styles

American flat cap chronology

March 3

American children: Bennett children

Home schooling: Coop

Home schooling: Controversy

World War II: Soviet civil defense

March 2

World War II: German children and the military

World War II: NAZI objectives in the East

March 1

American First Communion garments: Footwear

American Fauntleroy suits: Cost

School Types: Home schooling


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