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April 30

American school: Westwood Elementary School

U.S. shirts: Elements

World War II: New Hebrides

Volksdeutsche: World War II

Volksdeutsche: Country trends

April 29

Estonian schools: Chronology

Abolitiomist movement

Christian abolitionist movement

American abolitionist movement

The Arabs

April 28

American boy: Willie Beacon

Italian regions: Trieste

Biographies: Heinrich Himmler--Family

World War II: Nazi assault on religion--Protestants

American boys: Maurice Berkey and Sylvan Bush

April 27

World War II: Malta--Axis air assault

Bulgaria: sailor suit populrity

American sibling dresses: Identical dresses

April 26

Canadian Scouts: Vintage uniform

World War II: Malta--Operation Pedestal

New Zealand schools: Fine arts

American floppy bow colors: Blue

April 25

German Lederhosen: 1970s--Haltars

Greek Jewish youth groups

American: Rotary Boys' Band

April 24

Biographies: Christopher Columbus

World War II: Poland--Post-War children

World War II: NAZI racial targets

German eugenics

Kosovo: Inter-War era

April 23

American capes: Harold Fiske

English boyhood experiences: Colin (1940s)

April 22

Serbian artist

American quality children's supporters

Italian Fascist economic development

English sandals: Hosiery

American short pants: Age concentions

April 21

German girl's toys: Prams

Finnish families: Matila family

South African schoolwear: Ankle bracelets

April 20

English school uniform: Coming to school

American vintage clothing: Drawers (1860s)

German dresses: Color and patterns

Japanese school activities: Walking to school--New students

American Fauntleroy suits: The 1880s

World War II: Okinawa

Swiss families: Stadler family (1942)

American Vintage play sailor suit

Playing horsey: Gender trends

Playing horsey: Country trends

Playing horsey: Minature tackle

April 19

Finnish economy

Finnish Schools: Himalanpohja School

German traditional pinafore

German pinafore dresses

German sailor dresses

German dress types

German sashes

German sailor suit chronology: 1880s styles

April 18

Dannish boy: Helsinki vicar's son

American dance: Chronology

English hobby horses

Finnish families: Kupiaisen family

British abolition movement

April 17

Italian religion: Maundy Thurday

Finnish family vacation


April 16

German traditional pinafores: Unidentified siblings

World War II: Brazil

German patterned knee socks

German jackets

American Eton collars: Patterns

American sailor suits: Non-sailor headwear--Peaked caps

April 15

Japanese schoolboy: S. Takahayashi

Finnish parties

Finnish summer camps

Finnish family: Unidentified family (1940s)

World War II: Polish orphanages

April 14

American boy: Earl Dewey

Danish families: Hansen family (1909)

World War II: Italian participation in Barbarossa

Hitler Youth flags

April 12

Italian Balilla: Name

Russian social class

Rnglish literature: Llewellyn-Davies Family Relationship with J.M. Barrie

U.S. Boy Scouts: Poncho

Jamaica: Freed slaves and maroons

British Royal Navy: Caribbean enforcement activities

April 11

Jamaican history: Abolition

American TV: 'My Three Sons' episode

Italian sculptuer: Antonio Ugo

American fashion article (1903)

April 10

Egyptian garments: Traditional clothing

American collar-buttoning kilt suit: Collars and neckwear

English school activities

April 9

Lebanese history

Agricultural commodities

American schools: Tuder School

Isreali holidays

April 8

Vietnamese Boy Scouts

Estonian Scout uniforms

Sudan: Mhadist revolt

German cordinated outfits: Gender--Chronology

Ending the slave trade: Latin America

Ending the slave trade

Anerican boaters: Construction

American knee pants chronolog--The 19th century

American shirts: Sleeves

April 7

American over the ears hair styles (19th century)

Unidentified American siblings (late-19th century)

Spanish possession: Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera

Mexican minoritiesL Native Amnericans

Native American tribes: The Rarámuri

Historic Anglo-American Relationship

Native American tribes: The Qahatika

April 6

Individual French authors--Mme Doudet

Individual French authors

French authors

French regions: Basque country

April 5

American lace collars: 19th century

American boy: Ralph Cope

Presidential assessments

American double-breasted suits styling

Salvadoran activities

April 4

American boys: Wettack boys (1870s)

American cut-away jackets: Pants detailing

Swiss long stockings: Weights

American casual playwear

American boy: John Faulkes (1870s)

April 3

American galoshes

Laotian history

Egyptian garments

American dresss: Unidentified tin-type

German Red Cross

April 2

Stand-up paper frames: 1930s

American first communion: The 1930s

Soviet movie: I Am a Pioneer Leader

Ameriucan convehences: Wheelbarrows

German school cones: Footwear

April 1

Iraqi royalty: Hashemite monarchs


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