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Figure 1.-- Różyczka Goździewska was born in Warsaw (March 31, 1936). She was one of the many children who defied the NAZIs. She served as an 8-year-old paramedic. Although only a child, she saved the lives of many others. She helped in the field hospital of the "Koszta" company in a tenement house at 11 Moniuszko. Thanks to her efforts, the lives of many people were saved anf evn those who perished were tebded by this wondeful lotte girl. Róża was described as very stubborn as a little girl. Woth the uprising, she insisted on helping in the hospital and she did her work well. She gave water to the wounded and kept away flies that were a real torment to the injured. She brought back a smile to the faces of the wounded dieing, hr older sister Zofia remembered.

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July 28-31

Docking issues

July 27

World War II: Warsaw Uprsing

July 26

American exceptionalism: Science and technology

July 25

Italy: Chronology--The 1970s

Economics: Inflation

Latvian Fauntlerpy suits

July 24

American health instituions: Randall's Island children's hospitals

American institutions: Recreational

July 23

orld War II Norway: Royal family separated

World War II Japan: Japanese strategy--Bleed the Americans

July 22

World War II: German board games: Individual games--Out with the Jews

World War II: German board games: Individual games

July 21

English Punch and Judy shows

July 18

U.S. pollution history

U.S. pollution

July 17

Environmental issues: Pollution

Environmental isues

July 16

Swiss school activities: Class rooms

World War II: D-Day build up

July 15

Congolese history: Mobutu era

July 14

Somali history: Independence--Descent into Anarchy

Cold War pacifism: Ban the bomb

July 13

El Salvador Civil War: Northern El Salvador

Swiss school field trips

World War II: Dispalced children--Country trends

July 11

World War II: Fuhrer Directive 17--Battle of Britain

July 10

Soviet schools: Stalinist era

July 9

20th century children: Gedhun Choekyi Nyima

July 7

American schools: Jackson Center School

July 6

World War II: German Western Offensive--Luftwaffe loses

American schools: Jane Addams School

July 5

Russian family chronology: The 1900s

Russian chronology: The 20th century

July 4

Russian institutioins: Unknown groups

July 3

Russian collars

Russian blouses

Russian sailor suits: Chronology--The 1920s

July 2

American toys: 20th century

Ameican top curls

School uniform garments: Blazers--Colors and patterns

July 1

English schools: Ceremonies--Prize giving

Canadian families: The Reeds/a> (about 1900)


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