The Delineator: Chronology (1872-19??)

Figure 1.-- As was common at the time, the "Dileator" used "costume" to describe the garment rather than a more descriptive term that would help classify the garment. It appeared in the September 1880 issue. We are not entirely sure how to classify this garment. But as explained in the Dileator ad copy, it seems to bea coat. But it seems to be a coat with a destinctive skirt made to be worn with a dress or other skirted garment like the kilt suits which was popular at the time.

The Delineator first appeared in 1872. I am not sure about its periodicity, I believe that it changed over time. I am not positive precisely to what date it was published. I note issues as late as 1925. The Dileneator is a particularly important publication because it was a dated periodical. Thus the fashion illustrations and articles provide a wonderful assessment over time about fabrics, colors, and trimmings. Many of the issues had vlarge sections on children fashions. Thus it is a very valuable source of information on chronological trends. The 19th century issues are particularly important.

The 1870s

The Delineator began publishing in 1872. We do not yet have any examples of 1870s issues, but we eventually hope to ad some.

The 1880s

The Delieator wa a major source of information throughout the 1880s. It was a particularly important siurce of the patterns used in home sewing. The patterns as best we can determine were rather dressy. But clothing conventions in the the late 19th century tended to be rather formal. The outfits also seem to be outfits that would have been worn by children from affluent families. This suggests that many affluent families had their clothing made in shops or by individual women who swered. Other may have used sevants. The Delineator divided the patterns into three sections: 1) women and misses, 2) cjildren (little boys and girls), and 3) men and boys.

The 1890s


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