Photographers: Paul Lancrenon (France, 1857-1922)

Figure 1.-- Paul Lancrenon took this photograph at his home (August 10). The children are unidentified. They are apparentlya mix of nephews, nices, and neighbors. Note the hair bow in the two boys at the front.  

Paul Lancrenon (1857-1922) was a distinguished French military officer. He was born in Besançon (1857). Besançon is a city in northeast France close to the Swiss border. His father was a prominant lawyer. He studied at the Ecole Polytechnique, graduated (1876). He decided to pursue a military career. He joined the ranks of the School of Artillery Application and Engineering at Fontainebleau. He served during World War I, most prominantly at the Somme and Verdun. He enjoyed hiking and photigraphy. He was a gifted amateur photographer. His primary legacy is today his 10,000 of his photographic plates. He traveled both in connection with his military career as well as personal travel. This afforded him to photograph throughout Europe as far east at the Volga and south to North Africa. We notice a lot of landcapes. His work hs been archived by the French Ministry of Culture. They are a wonderful record of Belle Epoque France and other countries. They incluse fascinating images of children. He died as an instructor at he Teaching Hospital of the Armed Val de Grace, as a result of illness contracted at the front during World War I.


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Created: 5:32 AM 5/26/2011
Last updated: 5:32 AM 5/26/2011