Vintage Clothing: American Boys' Summer Fauntleroy Red Kilt-Skirt (around 1894-95)

Figure 1.-- Kilts are today a type of ethnic clothing. They were in the late 19th century, however, a major suit style for younger boys. They were also as is the case here wirn without a jacket. These kilt suits were very commonly worn in Britain and America. Here we have a red plaid kilt-skirt worn about 1894-95 with a Fauntleroy blouse. Source: Wisconsin Historical Museum.

There are a number of kilt garments. There were Highland kilts and kilt suits. We also notice kilt-skirts with vary degrees of kilt styling. Some were essentially plaid skirts. We notice a bright red plaid kilt skirt worn by an American boy about 1895. In this case it is paired with a Fauntleroy blouse. button-on blouse. The blouse was done in an off-white cotton print. Unfortunately you cn see the pattern in the image. It has small l blue dotted line and tiny pink dots. It was machine-sewn which was commopn by the 1990s. The front placket is dome with ruffles down both sides. There are full sleeves, with 3" wide fitted cuffs. There is a wide ruffled collar. The blouse down the center with four off-white mother of pearl buttons. Large white buttons around waist are attached to hold up the kilt-skirt. The kilt-skirt is done in red wool, with olive green, blue, and yellow plaid patterning. The kilt-skirt is pleated, but not with sharp pleats. The skirt extended to calf length. It closed at the right front and had button holes for the blouse waist buttons. The buttons are not shown in the image. We are not sure why. Boys commonly wore kilt suits, but in this case we do not think there was a matching jacket. At least we have not seen jackets done with such loud plaids. The kilt-skirts worn separately without a jacket could be louder. The outfit was worn by Earl Herman Rothe (1890-1965), probably around 1894-95. Earl was August 24, 1890 in Kilbourne City, Wisconsin. His father was Adolph Rothe (c1856- ), a merchant, and Ella J. Rank (c1858- ). Earl married Jessie ??? (1892-1985) around 1915. The couple moved to Chicago where Earl worked in a bank.


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Created: 5:23 AM 6/23/2011
Last updated: 5:23 AM 6/23/2011