*** vintage boys' clothing: juvenile Eton suits

Vintage Clothing: Eton Suits

vintage Eton suits
Figure 1.--Grey was a popular color for boys suits, including Eton suits. b Etionn suits. Here we see a summer-weight juvenile Eton suit. It is pictured with a Peter Pan blouse. Blouses with Eton-shaped collars were also common.

Eton suits were popular in the 19th century, especially in England. The collars persisted into the 20th century. A juvenile version of the suits appeared in America (1920s). They were basic two button jackets without lapels. Eton suits were always done without vests. They usually were made with short pants, although some had long pants. There tended to be a social-class factor associated with these suits. This is why we often see Eton suits being used in advertisements for high end products like Cadillac cars. Originally the sizing for these suits were up to about 10 year olds. After World War II, the age conventions gradually decline, primarily to pre-chool boys, but up to about 6-7 year olds. For quite a while these were standard suits for younger boys, but today tend to be used primarily for formal events like weddings. This is in part because suits have been declined in usage as children's wear has become increasingly less formal. We see white suits being worn, espcially for First Communion events. Grey was a very popilar color for boys. Black or navy blue was often chiosen for formsl events. While called DEton suits, these suits were worn ith blouses tht had both Eton-shaped and Peter Pan collars. We see these suits in various countries, but they were primarily worn in America.


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