British Cadet History: Inter-War Era (1920s-30s)

Figure 1.--This English cadet is unidentified. We do know that he was from Leicester. Notice the snake0belt closure and gloves. While undated, it looks like it was taken sometime after World War I, perhaps in the 1920s. The portrait has a postcard back.

The Army Cadet Force (ACF) was disbanded at many British schools after World War I. Public revulsion with war may have been a factor. The Government made major cutbacks in defense spending (Geddes Axe) (1923). A small part of the defense cutbacks was terminating Governmental and Military support for the ACF. The ACF by this time, however, had become institutionalized at quite a number of British schools, especially the public (Private boarding) schools. Thus there was a private movement to maintain the program. Notable figures like Lord Allenby helped organize the British National Cadet Association (BNCA) which lobbied for renewed Government support. They succeeded in getting some limited support (1930s). Parliament and the British public, however, was generally unwilling to increase military spemding, even when the NAZIs in Germany began a massive rearmament program.


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